35th Annual Jeffrey G. Hoeh Memorial Golf Scramble Recipients – 2024


Anna K is 17 years old and is the daughter of Steve and Michelle and sibling to her two younger brothers Bobby (15) and Matthew (12). She is a senior at St. Ursula Academy where she is a National Honors student and an officer in her Ohio Junior Classical League Club. She is also an artist. Anna was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma of her right leg with metastases to the lungs in June 2023 (just two years after her younger brother was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes). Immediately, she was non weight bearing and had to stop working at the Lil’ Goodie Shop. She has been in the hospital more than she has been home since July. Anna began on the MAP chemo regimen, receiving 2 cycles before her limb salvage surgery. In September, they removed six inches of her femur, her knee joint, and a bit of her tibia. She had a total oncologic knee replacement. As a result, she needs physical therapy several times each week. She will never run or jump again but she will regain the ability to walk. The pathology report from the removed tumor only showed a necrosis of 20 percent. This led to a change in her chemotherapy plan and she was placed on the I/E regime which added 6 more cycles for a total of 8 cycles combined. Her next scans showed an increase in both number and size of lesions in her lungs. In early December she had a thoracotomy of the left lung which confirmed lung metastasis. The surgeon removed 10 tumors, 6 of which were malignant. This time, she had a high necrosis of 85-95 percent! Anna had the second thoracotomy in February and had 8 more tumors removed from her right lung. Despite this journey coming with multiple complications, Anna is doing her best to complete her last classes online which will allow her to graduate on time. She was accepted at Xavier University, Northern Kentucky University and the University of Cincinnati. This fall, Anna will major in Communication Design in DAAP! Once she has clean scans, she will be on a maintenance chemotherapy regime for a year. This will include a daily oral medication along with a monthly infusion and scans every 3 months. Anna is at a higher risk for future cancers and her knee will need to be replaced every 10-15 years. She will have medical expenses all her life. This opportunity will allow her parents to set up a medical savings account for her future.

 Stacey M is 40 years old, married to her husband Kevin and is a busy working mom of 2 active kids, Cayden (12) and Julia (10). She is a teacher in the Cincinnati Public School system and has been a teacher for almost 20 years, a job that she loves. She was recently diagnosed with aggressive, Grade 3 triple negative breast cancer. This type of cancer is not as common as other types of breast cancer and is considered more aggressive and more difficult to treat. Because of the aggressiveness of her cancer, her chemotherapy treatment is weekly for 6 months, followed by surgery, and then 6 weeks of radiation. There will be a 4 week break between each of the treatment modalities. Unfortunately, due to her profession as a teacher, the risk of her getting sick in that environment is too high of a risk while undergoing treatment. Facing the fight of her life and unable to work for at least the next year, her life has been turned upside down. Despite having insurance, the financial impact has already been significant with all the testing, scans and biopsies she has had to have. Unable to work, the vital income she provided has left her husband, Kevin, as the sole financial supporter for the family while also trying to be there with her through this process. Stacey has the most positive attitude and is always seeing the good side of everything and everyone. Any amount of financial support would alleviate some stress & worry.

 Emerson S is just 18 months old and the twin of her brother Rowan. She is the daughter of Benjamin & Ashley. Emerson was diagnosed with Angelman’s Syndrome (a genetic disorder causing developmental disabilities and nerve-related symptoms) & Chiari 1 Malformation (when the part of the brain that controls coordination and muscle movement pushes down through the hole in the bottom of the skull).  Emerson’s treatment plan is very extensive and includes many different therapies and specialists. She will need to use Augmentative & Alternative communication as talking & sign language will be minimal and walking may take years to do if at all.  Emerson will likely need brain surgery to alleviate potential issues down the road. The family is living on one income while mom tends to the twins and gets Emerson to her many Doctor and therapy appointments and tests to monitor the Chiari Malformation. Not only does their health care plan come with a high deductible, but they will eventually need a modified vehicle to house her walking devices when they get to that point. Neither of these conditions are curable and it’s possible Emerson will always need a caretaker.  People with Angelman are known to be very happy and want to be sociable.  Emerson’s parents just want to be sure she gets all the therapies she needs to give her the best chance of conquering the world!


 John L is 72 years old, married to his lovely wife Patti (over 50 years!), proud father of three children, and very proud grandfather of 5 wonderful kids. John was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer in the fall of 2023. Since his diagnosis, John has had aggressive chemotherapy treatments every other week, which typically take between 6 and 8 hours each time. This intensive treatment plan was recommended by John’s oncologist, because of the location and severity of his illness. After treatment, he typically feels terrible with the usual chemo side effects- fatigue, nausea, inability to tolerate anything cold (including outside temperatures), brain fog, nerve pain, loss of appetite, and insomnia. He pushes through these treatments with the most positive spirit and thankfully does have quite a few good days.  With all these physical things happening to John, he remains positive, prayerful, and hopeful.  He feels blessed and is grateful for the extra 20 years he has had after suffering a massive heart attack that he never should have survived. He was so thankful and appreciative of the surgeons & staff that he went to college in his 50’s to become a surgical tech and pay it forward. Despite his illness and the side effects of his treatment, John continues to work tirelessly to support his family in any way he can- fixing a leaky faucet, changing a tire, and the like.  He still goes to work as often as he is able, driving his school bus route. A job he took 4 years ago after retiring.  This job has brought joy to his heart and the heart of his students and their families. His route is highly requested every year, and he was nominated for “Best Bus Driver of the Year!” John and Patti have worked tirelessly to build retirement for themselves and their family. This diagnosis has not only been an emotional blow to the family, but also a financial burden that we cannot even fathom. Both John and Patti have missed many days of work in order to navigate medical appointments and procedures, as well as to manage the ill-effects of his treatments. These absences will undoubtedly continue as his treatment continues. Medical bills and the financial burden of illness are huge stressors in their lives, and the costs will certainly exceed what medical insurance has to offer.   John has inspired all of us and has made this “bad dream” tolerable to his children, grandchildren and all our family and friends. As his son stated, “He continues to fight the good fight, and we’re fighting along with him.” Not only has John always done whatever he could to help his family or anyone in need, he also served our country for 10 years as a member of the United States Air force!     

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