Angel Board

Our Angels – IN MEMORIAM

Jeffrey Hoeh
Our Angel Board recognizes our founders and past recipients who have gone to be with our Lord.

Etta Hoeh – Cofounder

“I couldn’t think of any other way to live, other than to help others. That’s what life is about. If you pay it forward, you don’t have to ask for anything else.” – Etta Hoeh
(Cincinnati Enquirer – 2012 Women of the Year Recipient)

James E Hoeh – Cofounder
There are people that walk through this life touching the lives of all they meet.
They make the world a better place. They make your life better when you know them and even better when you are with them. Jim Hoeh was this kind of man.
He was a loyal servant to the Lord. He was a husband.
He was a father. He was a grandfather.
He was a great grandfather. He was a brother.
He was an uncle. He was a soldier.
He was a Rakkasan.
He was a friend. He was our hero.


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