About Us

Jeffrey G Hoeh

… Our Angel

Family and friends have established this fund in honor of Jeff Hoeh, to commemorate the positive way he lived and fought his many diseases. Jeff died at age 27, after a 16-year battle with Cancer, Graves disease, Shingles, and Polyradicular Neuropathy.

The purpose of this fund is to reach out with hope and caring to people who are suffering from Cancer or other debilitating diseases. We have an all day Golf Scramble / fundraiser in July each year in remembrance of Jeff’s birthday. Other donations have come into the fund in memory of people who have died, and we do send acknowledgement to the families.

This fund is for directly helping patients and families with catastrophic diseases, to ease the financial burden at home, or to put a little fun back into their lives. We can’t change the circumstances, but we can make some things a little better.

In addition, we also have a dinner party at the Ronald McDonald House (a home away from home for the families of critically ill children) on Christmas Eve night for all those who have the misfortune of being there. We also help families in need with food, clothes or toys for Christmas. For us, this is very rewarding and healing, and it shows that Jeff is still touching lives, just as he did when he was here with us.

Many of the things we do are a direct result of something that was done for us while Jeff was sick. All we ever ask in return is that, some day, it will be passed on to someone else who is in need.

We assure you that all money raised or donated is like the “Touch of an Angel” in someone’s life. We wish everyone could personally experience the joy and love that comes when we are able to make a difference. Words cannot describe it.


“We sincerely THANK all of our families,
friends and loyal supporters.
I know God will bless all of you.”

– Etta Hoeh (Jeff’s Mom and Co-Founder)