Recipients of the 2022 “Jeffrey G. Hoeh” Memorial Golf Scramble

Division of funds with two or more recipients

Any hole, cart, pin flag, program ad or t-shirt sponsor monies donated in a recipient’s name will go entirely to that person (minus related expenses). All proceeds from the golf scramble, to include pre-sale raffle ticket money, will be split evenly among all our recipients. Our purpose is to give back the love and kindness that was shown to us during our time of need. All our dedicated volunteers work tirelessly for the good of all our recipients to be that “touch of an angel.”

Brent K. is 53 years old and is married to his wife of 26 years, Elaine. Brent is a huge Cincinnati sports fan, loves to take Elaine on dates to the movies, drink beer at West Side Brewing, and play trivia and cards with his friends.  They have a 23-year-old son, Nolan, and tragically lost their daughter, Anna, to a sudden illness in 2016.  Brent and his family are parishioners at St. Ignatius and have volunteered in many capacities over the years. As lifelong Catholics, they have dedicated their lives to God and rely heavily on their faith to see them through both the good and the difficult times in their lives. Brent served the public as a department manager for Kroger for 34 years, until his cancer diagnosis in July 2021.  When diagnosed with stage 4 malignant rectal adenocarcinoma, which metastasized to his lungs and liver, he was immediately hospitalized to have surgery to place a colostomy and begin an intensive 12 round chemotherapy regime.  Brent’s job was very physical; he would lift and stock 50-pound bags regularly. He is now unable to work due to the physical stress and fatigue caused by the cancer and treatments. He completed the twelve intensive treatments in early January and is now in a maintenance mode to help stave off any new growth. He is fortunate to have received short term disability and has now taken a disability retirement; however, he is receiving only a small fraction of his pension as he is not old enough to receive early retirement benefits.  Fortunately, Brent still has some health insurance and has qualified for some government benefits, too. Brent’s prognosis is terminal, so his oncologist has encouraged him to enjoy the unspecified amount of time he has left. He is hoping to travel and spend time with family as much as he can.  While he and his family do not know what the future holds, they are praying every day for a miracle!


Kaitlyn E. is the 13-year-old daughter of Matt and Jessica. She is a happy, bright girl who loves to sing, dance, and be on stage! She has three siblings, Jordan 21, Madelyn 16, and Brooklyn, 9.  After some time of not feeling well and having low energy, thinking she had a long-lasting virus of sorts, the Dr. ordered bloodwork. Their world turned upside down when Kaitlyn was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in early November 2021. They would spend the next 4 weeks at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital where she received inpatient chemotherapy and had labs monitored. Mom, who had just started a job the month before would now have to quit to tend to Kaitlyn’s needs. Her treatment plan requires multiple trips back and forth to the Main and Liberty campuses for weekly chemotherapy treatments, overnight stays a few times each month, not to mention unplanned trips, medications, and procedures. Kaitlyn, who was looking forward to being in her schools musical, “The Little Mermaid” and dancing with her Oak Hills dance team is now facing this battle yet continues to do so with a smile and positive attitude.





Kristin N. is 34 years old, is an identical twin to her sister Kari and has an older brother Ryan. She was just recently married to Nick in October of 2020. They were looking forward to starting a family soon however Kristen was diagnosed with a Thymoma, a rare tumor of the Thymus in November 2021. She also had significant pericardial effusion because of the tumor and had to have a drain inserted to alleviate the fluid around her heart. On December 15th she had open heart surgery to remove the tumor. While tests confirmed the tumor was benign, it was much more invasive than they knew and had spread around her aorta, the pericardial sac and into her back. While recovering from heart surgery she is extremely limited even by daily tasks. After 12 weeks of recovery time, she will begin infertility counseling and related treatments due to the toxicity of the chemotherapy. This is extremely expensive and an added burden to an already stressful situation. On March 16th she will have a port inserted and begin 4 months of chemotherapy followed by six weeks of radiation 5 days a week. Because Kristen was a new employee in the admitting dept at Christ Hospital, she is not eligible for any benefits. She and her self-employed husband are managing on his income alone which is less than might be typical, as he takes off from work as needed to support her during Dr. visits and treatment. Kristen’s Mom, Aunt and Uncle have been long time supporters and volunteers of JGH Memorial since another family member was a recipient back in 2010.


Adam K. is 43-years old and is married to his wife of 16 years, Angie. They have two incredible kids, Collin, 14 years old, and Carly, almost 13 years old. To say Adam is a true family man would be a substantial understatement. His entire world revolves around his family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. He is always outdoors “playing,” even at 43-years old. The activity he initiates depends on the season and if Angie is home to witness his plans. The activities have historically involved kids being pulled in the snow by some motorized vehicle in the winter or enjoying summer by sitting back in the outdoors camping, boating, or just smoking a brisket with a cold beer in hand. Adam has an extreme passion for refurbishing vintage tractors and restoring them to their former glory. He brings the tractors out for holidays, taking neighborhood families out for hayrides in the fall and out to Christmas Carol every winter. Adam is thrilled when he is privileged to transport the Boy Scouts or sports teams, in local parades. Adam’s true joy shines through when he takes the tractors out just to teach his kids the art of driving a priceless work of art! His journey started a few weeks ago. He noticed a painful spot in the back of his throat, that doctors initially suspected to be an infection. After one round of antibiotics failed, the doctor thankfully sent him directly to an ENT Doctor, to further investigate. After several tests, they suspected Adam may have tonsil or throat cancer, and they wanted to remove the spot to verify. The initial removal and scope to Adam’s throat concluded it was in fact cancer with suspected lymph node involvement. The next step was to meet with an oncology team. A treatment plan is pending his recent PET scan results. Adam is everyone’s rock. He is our voice of reason and everyone’s protector. This admirable attribute carried over to the profession he chose years ago, as a Hamilton County Sheriff Deputy. Adam has been on the Sheriff’s Department for 21-years and is currently serving on patrol in Crosby Township. This battle has pulled him from patrol, and he does not anticipate being able to return for an indefinite time period as he fights this illness now. He has no enemies in this world, except for the ones that end up in the back seat of his cruiser. He has always been the person on the giving end, and he has always put everyone else ahead of himself. I truly believe the hardest part for Adam, thus far, is being the one that needs to accept help. The overall impact of this fight is unknown at this point, but Adam has a long list of fighters supporting every step of his journey!